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Request For Foreclosure (RFF) 2022 Materials

DEADLINE: December 7th, 2022

Our annual Request for Foreclosure (RFF) process gives every Erie County municipality the chance to target tax delinquent and vacant properties causing harm to their local communities and/or acquire strategic property for public benefit through acquisition by BENLIC at public foreclosure auction.

Erie County is home to over 40 unique municipalities. Through our annual Request for Foreclosure, we hope to work with as many of these communities as possible. If you are a municipal official and have questions on how to get involved, please contact our offices and we can begin to help you fight problem properties together.

For foreclosure eligible property, please contact BENLIC Program Coordinator, Benjamin Brown – [email protected]

Land Bank Information Pamphlet
2022 Erie County Proceeds Distribution Policy

Structure Acquisition Application
Vacant Lot Acquisition Application
2022 RFF Sample Resolution

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